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1.Our History:

Dafton Electronic Co., Limited is located in Dongguan city, China. We are specialized in SMT equipment and spare parts for about 15 years in Chinese market. In order to develop further business and learn more about the development of surface mount technology, we have done international business since 2016.

We have taken in a group of experienced and professional staffs who engage in this field at least 3 years to set up the international department. Under the guidance of our professional manager, our international business has spread over many countries rapidly in these two year. More and more customers buy from us with high re-purchased rate.

Here, Dafton can offer to you any parts that you need and you can find and you need but you can't find.


2. Our Catalog:

--Juki SMT parts

--Panasonic SMT parts

--Yamaha SMT parts

--I-Pulse SMT parts

--Casio SMT parts

--Samsung SMT parts

--Siemens SMT parts

--Fuji SMT parts

--Phillips Assemblemon SMT parts

--Dek SMT parts

--Heller parts

--Other SMT parts

--SMT machine 

Our catalog is constantly updated to suit for more products and optimized to make more customers browse our products smoothly.

3. Our products:

◆SMT Spare parts/components:  

 Feeder/feeder parts, nozzle/nozzle holder/shaft, laser/laser card, sensor, servo motor, driver, circuit board, solenoid valve, ball screw, belt, cable and other related parts. 

◆SMT machine:

 Juki KE-2010/KE-2050/KE-2060/KE-2070/KE-2070L/KE-2080/FX-1R/FX-3R/KE-750/KE-3010/JX-350

 Panasonic NPM/CM402/CM602/CM400/MV2C

 Yamaha YSM20/YSM40W/YS12/YS88/YS100/YG24/YG100/YG12/YG200/YV100XG/YV88X/YV88XG/YV100X/YV100II

 I-Pulse M1/M2/M3/M4/M6/M7/M10/M20S10/S20

 Samsung SM421S/SM321/SM411/SM431/CP45FV/CP45F

◆Peripheral equipment:

 Semi-automatic printer/Automatic printer

 PCB conveyor

 Feeder cart

 Solder paste mixer

 Loader and unloader

 Nozzle cleaning machine

 Chip counter

 Feeder set up Jig

Above is just a list of our main products, for more products and information, it will be better link to our online service on your right.

We also provide repair service for industrial camera (Such as CYBEROPTICS/DEK camera), SMT/AI laser, servo driver, servo motor, monitor, power supply, circuit board, electronic systems, etc.

4.Our major business: 
1). We sell and buy new and used SMT machine/equipment with completed parts and functions and      good/excellent working condition.

2). We sell and buy original new and used SMT feeder and original nozzle with competitive price and excellent condition.

3). We offer copy/imitated SMT nozzle and customize special nozzle according to our customers’ requirements.

4). We sell and buy all other SMT spare parts with excellent condition.

5). We provide repair service for industrial camera (Such as CYBEROPTICS/DEK camera) by professional and experienced engineers.

6). And repair service for SMT/AI laser(Brands include Juki, I-Pulse/Tenryu, Yamaha, Samsung, Philips, etc), servo motor, servo driver, circuit board, monitor, power supply, electronic systems, etc. High rate and fast maintenance.

7). We provide recovery service for used and faulty Juki spare parts, CYBEROPTICS laser and camera.