CASIO H02 SMT Nozzle

CASIO H02 SMT Nozzle

Model: H02

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Model: H02


We specialize in SMT equipment and SMT spare parts including SMT feeder,nozzle,motor,sensor,laser,filter,ejector,driver,board and other relative parts with guaranteed quality and low price. Brands includes Juki,Panasonic,Yamaha,I-pulse,Fuji,Philips,Samsung,Casio,Siemens,etc. 


Other Casio Nozzles:

Casio H2 nozzle

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I-Pusle SMT Nozzle for M2:

I-Pulse Nozzle N001  LC1-M7701-00 

I-Pulse Nozzle N002  LC1-M7703-00  

I-Pulse Nozzle N003  LC1-M7705-00    

I-Pulse Nozzle N004  LC1-M7707-00 

I-Pulse Nozzle N005  LC1-M7709-00  

I-Pulse Nozzle N006  LC1-M770B-00 

I-Pulse Nozzle N012  LC1-M770D-00 

I-Pulse Nozzle N013  LC1-M770F-00  

I-Pulse Nozzle N017  LC1-M770H-00  

I-Pulse Nozzle N018  LC1-M770K-00 

I-Pulse Nozzle N019  LC1-M770M-00  

I-Pulse Nozzle N020  LC1-M770P-00 

I-Pulse Nozzle N021  LC1-M770S-00

I-Pulse Nozzle N022  LC1-M770U-00

I-Pulse Nozzle N023  LC1-M7714-00

I-Pulse Nozzle N031  LC1-M7712-000
I-Pulse Nozzle N032  LC1-M7714-00

Juki nozzles:

Juki 521 nozzle assembly E36307290B0
Juki 522 nozzle assembly E36317290B0
Juki 523 nozzle assembly E36327290B0
Juki 524 nozzle assembly E36337290B0
Juki 525 nozzle assembly E36347290B0
Juki 526 nozzle assembly E36357290B0
Juki 527 nozzle assembly E36367290B0
Juki 528 nozzle assembly E36377290B0
Juki 529 nozzle assembly E36387290B0
Juki 536 nozzle assembly E36397290B0
Juki 537 nozzle assembly E36407290B0


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