CASIO H31 SMT Nozzle

CASIO H31 SMT Nozzle

Model: H31

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Model: H31


We specialize in SMT equipment and SMT spare parts including SMT feeder,nozzle,motor,sensor,laser,filter,ejector,driver,board and other relative parts with guaranteed quality and low price. Brands includes Juki,Panasonic,Yamaha,I-pulse,Fuji,Philips,Samsung,Casio,Siemens,etc. 


Casio Nozzles:

Casio H2 nozzle

Casio H7 nozzle

Casio H06 nozzle

Casio H07 nozzle

Casio H1M nozzle

Casio H2M nozzle

Juki nozzles:

Juki 509 nozzle assembly 40025165

Juki 510 nozzle assembly E36157290A0
Juki 511 nozzle assembly E36167290A0
Juki 512 nozzle assembly E36177290A0
Juki 513 nozzle assembly E36187290A0
Juki 514 nozzle assembly E36197290A0
Juki 515 nozzle assembly E36207290A0

Juki 516 nozzle assembly E36217290A0 
Juki 517 nozzle assembly E36227290A0
Juki 518 nozzle assembly E36277290B0
Juki 519 nozzle assembly E36287290B0
Juki 520 nozzle assembly E36297290B0

Panasonic nozzles:
PANASONIC 206A nozzle KXFX05V2A00

PANASONIC 225C nozzle N610040782AA  

PANASONIC 226C nozzle N610040783AA

PANASONIC 230C nozzle N610040784AA

PANASONIC 240C nozzle N610062681AA

PANASONIC 235C nozzle N610043814AA

PANASONIC 110S nozzle N610017371AC

PANASONIC 120S nozzle N610017373AC

PANASONIC 130S nozzle N610017375AC

PANASONIC 140S nozzle N610043702AA


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