CASIO H32 SMT Nozzle

CASIO H32 SMT Nozzle

Model: H32

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Model: H32


We specialize in SMT equipment and SMT spare parts including SMT feeder,nozzle,motor,sensor,laser,filter,ejector,driver,board and other relative parts with guaranteed quality and low price. Brands includes Juki,Panasonic,Yamaha,I-pulse,Fuji,Philips,Samsung,Casio,Siemens,etc. 


Other Casio Nozzles:

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Juki nozzles:

Juki 500 nozzle assembly 40011046

Juki 501 nozzle assembly 40001339
Juki 502 nozzle assembly 40001340
Juki 503 nozzle assembly 40001341

Juki 504 nozzle assembly 40001342

Juki 505 nozzle assembly 40001343

Juki 506 nozzle assembly 40001344
Juki 507 nozzle assembly 40001345
Juki 508 nozzle assembly 40001346

Panasonic nozzles:

PANASONIC 110 nozzle KXFX0383A00

PANASONIC 120 nozzle KXFX0384A00

PANASONIC 130 nozzle KXFX0385A00

PANASONIC 140 nozzle KXFX0386A00

PANASONIC 161 nozzle N610004673AA

PANASONIC 205 nozzle KXFX04N0A00

PANASONIC 450 nozzle KXFX0387A00

PANASONIC 460 nozzle KXFX03NGA00

PANASONIC 115A nozzle KXFX037NA00 


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