Fuji CP6 Air Cylinder WPA-5140 WPA-5141 WPA-5142 Original New

Part Name:Fuji Air Cylinder
Part NO: WPA-5140/WPA5140,WPA-5141/WPA5141,WPA-5142/WPA5142
Model of WPA5141: SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B
Conditions: Original new
Catalog of WPA5141: Fuji SMT Parts - Fuji Cylinder WPA-5141

Product Details

Details of Fuji Cylinder WPA-5141 below:

Part NO


Part Name Of WPA5141

Fuji Air Cylinder

Catalog of WPA5141

Fuji SMT Spare Parts - Fuji Cylinder WPA-5141

Machine Model

Fuji CP6 Machine

Conditions of WPA-5141

Original new

Spec. of WPA5141

With Solenoid Valve SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B

Color of WPA-5141


Description Of Fuji Cylinder WPA-5141:

Fuji Air Cylinder WPA-5141 (WPA5140,WPA-5141/WPA5141,WPA-5142/WPA5142) model SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B is the hot-selling in Fuji SMT parts, which is used on Fuji CP6 machine.

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 Picture Of Fuji CP6 AIR CYLINDER WPA-5141


Fuji Solenoid Valve WPA-5152 - It is one part of WPA-5141 cylinder (Model:SPCHA7-25-12-Z3B).

Fuji SMT Parts - We supply original and copy parts for Fuji SMT pick and place machine. Some parts are not shown on our web, pls kindly contact with our sales.

Fuji NXT Nozzles - Original new NXT nozzle is the general choice of customers, because of the high quality. Copy NXT nozzle is a better choice if your budget is limited.

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