smt I-Pulse F1-32MM Feeder LG4-M7A00-010

Model: F1-32MM
Part NO: LG4-M7A00-010

Product Details

smt I-PULSE F1-32MM FEEDER LG4-M7A00-010


Model: F1-32MM

Part NO: LG4-M7A00-010


I-Pulse Feeders:
LG4-M1A00-030 Feeder F1-82  8*2mm  
LG4-M1A00-050 Feeder F1-84  8*4mm  
LG4-M4A00-020 Feeder F1-12  12mm   
LG4-M5A00-040 Feeder F1-16  16mm  
LG4-M6A00-010 Feeder F1-24  24mm   
LG4-M7A00-010 Feeder F1-32  32mm   
LG4-M2A00-100 Feeder F2-82  8*2mm  
LG4-M2A00-540 Motorised Feeder F2-82M 
LG4-M1A00-100 Feeder F2-84  8*4mm 
LG4-M4A00-120 Feeder F2-12  12mm  
LG4-M5A00-120 Feeder F2-16  16mm  
LG4-M6A00-120 Feeder F2-24  24mm  
LG4-M7A00-120 Feeder F2-32  32mm  


Our business:
1. We sell and buy Original SMT feeder/feeder parts, nozzle/nozzle holder/shaft, filter, laser/laser card, sensor, servo motor, driver, circuit board, solenoid valve, ball screw, belt, cable, etc.
2. We sell Copy/Imitation SMT feeder/feeder parts, nozzlenozzle holder/shaft, filter, solenoid valve, belt, etc.
3.We offer Customized/Special nozzle according to our clients' requirements.

4.We provide Repair Service for industrial camera (Such as CYBEROPTICS/DEK camera)SMT/AI laser, servo motor, servo driver, circuit board, monitor, power supply, electronic systems, etc.
5. We provide Recovery Service for used and faulty Juki spare parts, CYBEROPTICS laser and camera.


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