JUKI X-Axis Motor 40000685 TS4613N1020E200 For KE2050/2060 Machine

Part Name:JUKI X-Axis Motor  
Part NO:40000685/400-00685
Model of 40000685:TS4613N1020E200
Catalog of 40000685:JUKI SMT Spare Parts - JUKI SMT Motor – JUKI motor 40000685
Conditions:Original new/Original used

Product Details

Details of JUKI Motor 40000685 below:

Part No.


Part Name of 40000685

JUKI X-Axis Motor

Model of 40000685


Catalog of 40000685

JUKI SMT Spare Parts - JUKI SMT motor – JUKI 40000685 motor

Machine model

KE2050/KE2060 Machine

Conditions of 40000685

Original new/Original used 

Maker of 40000685


Packing of 40000685

1 pc *40000685 motor/per box

Description Of JUKI Motor 40000685:

JUKI Motor 40000685/400-00685 is manufactured by TAMAGAWA SEIKI CO.,LTD, to be used on JUKI KE2050 and KE2060 placing machine and for X-Axis.

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Picture Of JUKI Motor 40000685 TS4613N1020E200


JUKI Y-Axis Motor 40000727 - 40000727/400-00727 motor (Model:TS4616N1020E200) is used on JUKI KE2050(2060) pick and place machine and for Y-Axis.

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