SMT JUKI 555 Special Nozzle Assembly

Part Name:Juki Special Nozzle
Model: 555 Nozzle
Catalogue of 555 Nozzle: Juki SMT Parts - Juki SMT Nozzle
Conditions: Copy new/Customized

Product Details

Details of JUKI Slot Nozzle 555 below:

Model of this JUKI Nozzle

555 Nozzle

Part Name of 555 Nozzle

JUKI SMT special Nozzle

Part No. of 555 Nozzle

Conditions of 555 Nozzle

Copy new/Customized

Tip Dia of 555 Nozzle


Color of 555 Nozzle


Catalogue of 555 Nozzle

SMT Spare Parts - SMT Nozzles - JUKI Special Nozzle - JUKI Nozzle 555

Description Of JUKI Slot Nozzle 555:

JUKI 555 Nozzle is one of JUKI special application nozzles,which are used to handle odd-Form components and special connectors that cannot be easily handled by standard nozzles.PICTURE OF JUKI 555 NOZZLE E36227290A0 


JUKI Standard Nozzle - We supply JUKI standard application nozzles that are used for most typical SMT applications,which include JUKI 100 series nozzles,200 series nozzles and 500-508 nozzle.

JUKI SMT Spare Parts - We source all JUKI SMT Parts, if you can’t search the one you need, please contact with us directly.


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