Juki 501 Nozzle Assembly 40001339 E36007290A0 For KE2050/2060 Machine

Part Name:JUKI SMT Nozzle Assembly
Model: 501 Nozzle Assy
P/N of 501 Nozzle: 40001339/400-01339(Silver),E36007290A0/E3600-729-0A0(Gold)
Machine Model:KE2010/2020/2030/2040/2050/2060/FX1
Conditions: Original new/copy new
Catalogue of 501 Nozzle: SMT Spare Parts - SMT Nozzles - JUKI SMT Nozzle - JUKI Nozzle 501

Product Details

Details of JUKI Nozzle 501 below:

Model of this JUKI Nozzle

501 Nozzle

Catalogue of 501 Nozzle

SMT Spare Parts - SMT Nozzles - JUKI SMT Nozzles

Part Name of 501 Nozzle

JUKI SMT Nozzle Assembly

Part No. of 501 Nozzle

40001339/400-01339(Silver), E36007290A0/E3600-729-0A0(Gold)

Machine Model

Silver nozzle is compatible for KE2050/2060/FX1

Gold nozzle is compatible for KE2010/2020/2030/2040/2050/2060/FX1

Conditions of 501 Nozzle

Original new/Copy new(replacement of original one)

Tip Diameter of 501 Nozzle


Color of 501 Nozzle


Component Type

Flat chip 0201/0603

Description Of JUKI 501 Nozzle:

JUKI Nozzle 501 (P/N:40001339/E36007290A0) is a standard type nozzle in JUKI 500 series, which is used to pick and place flat chip 0201/0603 and common for JUKI SMT KE2010/2020/2030/2040/2050/2060/FX1 machine.



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