JUKI 517 Slot Nozzle E36227290A0

Part Name:JUKI SMT Nozzle
Model: 517 Nozzle
P/N of 517 Nozzle: E36227290A0/E3622-729-0A0
Catalogue of 517 Nozzle: SMT Spare Parts - JUKI SMT Parts - JUKI SMT Nozzle

Product Details

Details of JUKI Slot Nozzle 517 below:

Model of this JUKI Nozzle

517 Nozzle

Part Name of 517 Nozzle

JUKI SMT Slot Nozzle

Part No. of 517 Nozzle


Conditions of 517 Nozzle

Copy new/Customized

Slot Sizes of 517 Nozzle


Color of 517 Nozzle


Catalogue of 517 Nozzle

SMT Spare Parts - SMT Nozzles - JUKI Special Nozzle - JUKI Slot Nozzle - JUKI Nozzle 517

Machine Model


Description Of JUKI Slot Nozzle 517:

JUKI 517 Nozzle (P/N:E36227290A0/E3622-729-0A0) is one of slot nozzles in JUKI special application nozzles,which has a tip with a narrow rectangular cross section that a slot easily entry into. It is generally used to assemble a variety of board to board and ribbon cable connectors.

PICTURE OF JUKI 517 nozzle  E36227290A0



JUKI SMT Nozzle - Two types for your choice. Original JUKI Nozzle is always for the standard nozzle, which is the most common in use. The replacement of JUKI Nozzle,which we call copy new JUKI Nozzle,is for both standard nozzle and non-standard nozzle.

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