9 Advantages Of Electric Feeder That Made In China For JUKI

- Oct 13, 2020-

1. Universality

The newly developed electric Feeder For JUKI machine has strong versatility, which solves the problem that only a few models such as JUKI KE3020 can use at present. For all current JUKI models, from KE700 series to KE2000 series and F series, all models can be easily upgraded to use electric Feeder, which is easy and convenient.

We recommend Areed feeder, which is independent R & D brand with the best evaluation in China.

2. High Accuracy

Electric Feeder has electronic control and high-precision electric motor to control. From 0201 to 0805, electronic component placement ensures the stability of every part.

3. Economy

The unique patent design of the newly developed electric Feeder solves the problems such as the overturning of the SMD parts and the insufficient side feeding (the deformation of the pressing cover, magnetization, and bad cylinder, etc.).

4. High Speed

The feeding speed can reach 20 times per second, and realize the refuelling without shutdown.

5. High Lifespan

Single Feeder can produce more than 10 million points continuously without too much maintenance and parts replacement.

6. Man Machine Dialogue

It can monitor the quantity of each piece of Feeder in real time and make database analysis.

7. High Interchangeability

One Feeder can switch between 8 * 2mm and 8 * 4cm.

8. Fine Tuning Function

Due to the electronic motor control, the feeding distance can be adjusted.

9. High Security

The safe locking device solves the problem of aircraft collision caused by unstable installation of Feeder caused by human factors. The independent external power supply and precise protection device can solve the problem that the mechanical Feeder has been used for a long time without any external factors affecting the performance of the machine.