Application Of SMT Nozzles

- Feb 27, 2020-

Do you know the application of SMT nozzles? Now, Dafton-SMT gives you details.

SMT machine nozzles is not only the key part to pick and place the components, but also the background for optical vision system camera to take photos. It mainly uses the vacuum adsorption to pick the components, and uses the air blowing to place the components adsorbed on SMT nozzles on the coordinate position of the circuit board.

In order to achieve the ideal situation, the center of the component, the center of the nozzle and the space center of the image should be coincident. In fact, the adjustment of the optical vision system is to compensate for the deviation caused by the actual work.

Different mounting components need different SMT nozzles to mount. Almost every SMT machine nozzle has a reflective background, which is mainly to have a good background when the image is taken, so as to ensure that the target information is accurate and prominent when the image is processed. When the image is extracted, the nozzle is used as the background, so that the image contrast of the component is enhanced and more clearly visible.

In order to realize the above functions of SMT machine nozzles, when designing the nozzle, people usually design the surface of the nozzle that contacts component to be in the shape of central symmetry. while the background plane of the nozzle as the photo background is designed to be a matte surface and there is no color mixing on the surface, the background is usually designed to be a single color, such as yellow and black.


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