Autonomous Ejector For Juki SMT Machine

- Dec 29, 2017-

We have specialized in reseach of Juki SMT ejector for about 15 years. After a long time of hard work and research, Patent 1.jpgwe are becoming more and more professional, more and more proficient. Until now, we have our own patent.

Our ejectors are universal in all Juki SMT machine,they can be installed in and used directly, and the air pressure can be adjusted freely. We are very confident of our ejectors that can replace completely the one imported from Japan, with a long warranty of 2 years. 


Followings are our autonomous ejectors and installation photos:

1. Juki KE-760 Ejector (Part NO. E25117250A0)


2. Juki KE-750 Ejector (Part NO. E25117250A0)


3. Juki KE-2010/2020/2050/FX-1R Ejector( Part NO. 40010678 , 40001253)

KE-2010 2020 2050 FX-1R.jpg

4. Juki KE-2060 Ejector (Part NO. 40001266)


5. Juki KE-2070 Old Ejector (Part NO. 40050034 , 40118813)


6. Juki KE-2080 Old Ejector (Part NO. 40050035)


7. Juki KE-2070/2080(New) JX-100/200/300/350 Ejector(Part NO. 40118813 , 40076885 , 40118821)

KE-2070 2080(NEW).jpg

8. Juki FX-2/FX-3 Ejector (Part NO. 40077095  , 40047589)

FX-2 FX-3.jpg

9. Juki KE-3010/3020 Ejector (Part NO. 40071586)

KE-3010 3020.jpg

Installation photos below:

1. Installation Photos Of KE-750/760 And KE-2050/2060

Installation photo 1.jpg

2. Calibration curve Of Vacuum And Installation Photos Of JX-100/200/300/350/KE-3010/3020

Installation photo 2.jpg