Basic Knowledge Of Anti-static In SMT Process

- Mar 31, 2020-

In order to effectively protect SMT chip from static electricity and reduce the loss caused by static electricity, it is necessary to educate all staff of SMT production line on the basic knowledge and improve their awareness of anti-static and consciously abide by the anti-static system.

The following is about the basic knowledge of anti-static.

(1) Electrostatic

Static electricity is the excess or insufficient static charge on the surface of an object. It is a kind of electric energy, which remains on the surface of the object: it is the result of the imbalance of positive and negative charges in the local range, and it is formed by the conversion of electrons or ions. Electrostatic phenomenon is the general name of the electrical phenomena generated in the process of charge generation and disappearance, such as friction electrification, human electrification and other phenomena.

(2) Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a kind of phenomenon that the electricity generated by electrostatic source enters the electronic assembly and discharges rapidly. When the electric energy contacts or approaches the electrostatic sensitive components, the components will be damaged.

(3) Electrical overload (EOS)

Electrical overload (EOS) is the result of some additional electrical energy that causes component damage. There are many sources of such damage, such as power production equipment, tools, ESD generated in the process of operation

(4) Electrostatic sensitive components (SSD)

The components sensitive to electrostatic reaction are called electrostatic sensitive device (SSD). SSD mainly refers to VLSI, especially metallized film semiconductor (MOS circuit). According to the limit voltage of static electricity (also known as electrostatic sensitivity) that SSD can bear and not be damaged, SSD is divided into three levels.


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