Daily Inspection And Maintenance Of Yamaha YV100II

- Apr 17, 2018-

1. Inspection after production.

Inspection should be carried out after the daily production and before closing the machine. Some typical inspection items below:

1.1  Working Head:

1) To check and ensure that no damage, solder paste and varia on the tip of nozzle.

2) To check if there is deformation or fatigue with the leaf spring of the nozzle.

3) To check and clean dust and varia on the identification unit,such as laser system and single optical lens.

4) To check and ensure that no component debris on the lens.

1.2  Others:

1) To check and clean dust and debris on the feeder platform.

2) To check and ensure that no support pin and PCB beside the conveyor belt.

3) To check whether there is PCBs reserved on the conveyor belt.

2.Daily maintenance


Maintenance Operation


Nozzle Breakage / Damage

To Replace The Nozzle.


Nozzle Obstruction

Totake The Nozzle And Blow It With a Gas Gun


Relaxation Of Leaf Spring

To Re-Lock The Spring Screw


Deformation /Fatigue Of Leaf Spring

To Replace The Spring


Dust/Varia On Laser Window

To Clean By A Special Cleaner Or Soft Cloth Dampened With Alcohol


Dust/Varia On The Lens

To Clean Varia And Wipe The Lens By Cleaning Cloth


Component Fell On The Lens

Use a Screwdriver Or Other Tool To Remove The Component By Double-Sided Tape