Electronic PCBA Circuit Board Circuit Reliability Of Several Major Errors

- Sep 08, 2017-

Misunderstanding 1, product failure = product is not reliable

Product problems, sometimes not the development of the problem, there have been cases, for the domestic medium and more developed areas of the equipment, because in the country with a good, so exports to Colombia, but there are frequent failures, the cause of the failure lies in China, China Medium and above the developed areas of the elevation are relatively low, so high altitude areas, equipment, air tightness has been challenged, equipment, internal and external pressure increases increased leakage rate.

Misunderstanding 2, derating is easy to do, nothing problems

1. The same function, but different process device derating coefficient is different;

2. Adjustable device and fixed device derating coefficient is different;

3. Different load, derating coefficient is different;

4. The derating factor is different with the specification wire in multi-turn and single-turn applications;

5. Some parameters can not be derated;

6. Junction temperature derating can not be missed.

Misunderstanding 3, electronic reliability with the mechanical, software professional has nothing to do

Installation, wiring, layout, spraying the treatment will affect the electrical performance;

Electromagnetic compatibility, Weld, heat, vibration and noise, corrosion, grounding and structure;

Software error prevention, error, error correction, fault handling measures to avoid mechanical and electrical defects.