How Much Do You Know About High-speed SMT Machine

- Apr 09, 2021-

High speed SMT machine is a turret installation, a total of 12-24 head, PCB board move below, the head does not move. This kind of design old-fashioned machine noise is big, but the speed is fast, at the same time there will be throwing material, suitable for mass production. Generally, the SMT processing of a board can be completed in a few seconds. The speed can reach 50000-80000 points / h. It is the first choice of high efficiency equipment for PCB processing manufacturers.

Its working process includes the following steps:

1. PCB (circuit board) is loaded onto X-Y table by imported conveyor belt.

2. The vision system reads the reference point of PCB and positions the PCB.

3. The feeder platform can move left and right to the position where the component is located.

4. Rotate the applicator head clockwise to rotate the component.

5. The upper and lower parts can be mounted on the X-5 table.

6. Rotate the mounting head to place the components on the designated PCB mounting position.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 until all components on PCB are pasted.

8. PCB board is unloaded by exit conveyor belt.

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