How To Choose Smt Nozzle

- Nov 26, 2018-

1. Choose by material

A. Tungsten steel nozzle

Solid and durable, but easy to turn white. Newcomers may choose this nozzle, when it turn white, you can paint it with oily pen and continue to use.

B. Ceramics nozzle

The ceramic nozzle never turns white, but it is crisp and breakable. Must be careful when use.

C. Diamond steel nozzle

It never turns white, it is solid and durable, but expensive, with low cost performance.

D. Rubber nozzle

The rubber nozzle is suitable for the uneven and sticky components. But the life of the rubber tip is short. So we suggest that you may buy more rubber tips for spare use. You can directly replace the rubber tip by yourself when the tip is worn out.

2. Choose by size

The size of nozzle is basically fixed for the standard components. Take Samsung SM as an example, CN065 nozzle for 0805 , CN040 nozzle for 0603. It is necessary to customize nozzle when the component is neither too small nor too big and with strange shape.

3. Choose by shape

The shape of nozzle includes square hole, round hole and V groove, etc. Customized nozzle is usually made based on the shape of the component. Some are made to be elongated tips to pick up the component in the groove plane. Some are made into hollow square based on the edge of the component. Some components are sticky and difficult to be placed, so slots should be made in the wall or rubber tips shoul be matched.