How To Choose The Replacement Of SMT Nozzles

- Apr 27, 2020-

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SMT nozzle is a key part of SMT machine. It is used to pick and place SMT components. Now there are more and more SMT machine nozzles on the market. According to the material, there are tungsten steel, diamond steel, ceramics, plastic steel, aluminum and iron while there are round holes, square holes, V-shaped according to the shape. There are many kinds according to the size. Let Dafton-SMT share with you how to choose SMT Nozzles. 

1. How to choose SMT Nozzles by material?

A. Tungsten steel SMT nozzle

It is strong and durable, but it is easy to turn white. The person who are not afraid of trouble and SMT beginners can choose this SMT nozzle. When it turns white, it can be painted with oil pen, and it can still be used. (This is for cost saving but not a professional advice)

B. Ceramic SMT nozzle

It will never be white, but it is brittle and easy to break. Careful use can avoid or reduce fracture.

C. Diamond steel SMT nozzle

It is strong, easy to use and never white, but extremely expensive and not cost-effective.

D. Rubber head SMT nozzle

If the surface of the component is uneven or sticky, the rubber head SMT nozzle is more suitable, but the service life of this nozzle is not long. It is recommended to buy more rubber tips for spare when ordering the nozzle. When the nozzle is worn, the nozzle tip can be directly replaced by yourself. 

2. How to choose SMT Nozzles by size?

The standard component and specifications of SMT standard nozzle are basically fixed. Take Samsung SM for example, 0805 component corresponds to CN065 SMT nozzle, 0603 component corresponds to CN040 SMT nozzle, etc. when some components are not big or small, and the shape is strange, the nozzle needs to be customized. 

3. How to choose SMT Nozzles by shape?

The shapes of SMT nozzle include square hole, circular hole, V-shape, etc. It generally selects a flat point of the material to make the SMT special nozzle. Some are made into elongated SMT nozzles, and some are drawn into the groove plane of the component. Some are made into a rectangular-ambulatory-plane according to the edge of the component. Some are made into a bridge when the flat surfaces at both ends but the middle is uneven. Some components are sticky and it's not easy to place, you need to open some grooves on the wall of SMT nozzle or make rubber tips.