How To Maintain A Small Smt Machine?

- Oct 22, 2018-

1. To check the tubes and connections of the air hose to make sure that the air hose is not leaking.

2. To check the air connector and make sure it is not loose.

3. To make sure the screws on the cable and cable bracket are not loose.

4. To check and clean stains on the timing belt and gear.

5. To clean CRT screen and floppy driver to ensure that the placement head can rotate smoothly.

6. To make sure X and Y motors are not abnormally heated.

7. To ensure that there is no abnormal noise on the X and Y motors when the placement head moves.

8. To check Z motor - Check whether the placement head can move up and down smoothly. Push the nozzle up to check if it moves smoothly. Move the placement head up and down in the normal range to check if the alarm can sound and if the placement head can stop immediately.