In The Smt Production Process, Static Electricity Generated By The Harm And Available

- Sep 08, 2017-

1. Available: mechanical effects - heterosexual absorption, homosexual repulsion. Electrostatic adsorption characteristics have been widely used in electrostatic imaging, copying, spraying, flocking, dust and other practices.

Electrostatic Hazard:

In the case of the electronics industry, electrostatic discharge can alter the electrical characteristics of semiconductor devices, degrade or completely destroy them. Electrostatic discharge may also interfere with the normal operation of the electronic system, resulting in device failure or paralysis.

2, Japan IC production of substandard devices in 45% is caused by static electricity.

3, 88 years the United States due to ESD losses of $ 5 billion.

4, the early 90s a company in Beijing trial production of high-end digital multimeter, IC did not pay attention to anti-static, so that most of its products failed.