The Influence Of SMT Parts On Placement And Throwing

- Mar 26, 2021-

Controlling production cost and improving production efficiency are the concerns of the owners and engineers of the enterprise. These are closely related to the throwing rate of the chip machine. The following summarizes the reasons and the counter measures.

Throwing material refers to the failure in picking and placing process of placement machine. The material can not be absorbed, slewed picking, picking is not stable, or can’t place but to throw the material into the throwing box or other places after picking. Material loss and production cost are increased and production efficiency is reduced due to material throwing, so the problem of high throwing rate must be solved.

Main reasons and Countermeasures of throwing materials:

Reason 1: SMT nozzle problem, deformation, blockage, damage caused air leakage, SMT nozzle turns white impacting identification.

Solution: Clean and replace SMT nozzle.

Reason 2: The identification system is defective, the vision is poor, the vision or laser lens is not clean, there is sundry interference identification, the identification light source is not selected properly, the intensity and gray scale are not enough, and the identification system may be damaged.

Solution: Clean and wipe the surface of the recognition system, keep it clean and free of impurities, adjust the intensity and gray level of the light source, and replace the components of the identification system.

Reason 3: Location problem, the picking position is not in the center of the material, or the picking height is incorrect, resulting in deviation. When identifying, it is not consistent with the corresponding data parameters and is abandoned by the identification system as invalid material.

Solution: Adjust the position of the material.

Reason 4: Vacuum problem, insufficient air pressure, blockage or rupture of vacuum air pipe, resulting in insufficient air pressure, and falling off during the process of adhesive after suction or suction.

Solution: Check the air circuit, keep the air circuit smooth and maintain the air pressure within the specified value range.

Reason 5: Program problem, the component parameters in the edited program are not set correctly, and the identification is discarded due to the inconsistency with the parameters such as the size of incoming materials and brightness.

Solution: Modify the component parameters and search for the best parameter setting of the components.

Reason 6: The problem of incoming materials, irregular incoming materials, or large range of material shaking in the belt.

Solution: IQC strictly checks the incoming material inspection.

Reason 7: The problem of SMT feeder, the position of feeder is deformed, feeder is old and damaged (such as iron gear wear, weak spring tension, the mouth is not in right place, etc.) . The moving grid is not in right position causing throwing material.

Solution: Correct the SMT feeder, clean up the feeder platform, or use the new electric SMT feeder.

If the phenomenon of throwing material is serious, the reasons for throwing materials should be carefully observed and analyzed in order to find the problems and solve the problems effectively by combining theory with practice.