Juki Standard Application Nozzles

- Apr 23, 2018-

Juki nozzles are classified into two major types.

x Standard Application Nozzles

x Special Application Nozzles


The following is the introduction of the standard nozzles.

The nozzle numbers 1xx, 2xx and 5xx are reserved for standard types. They are designed for most typical SMT applications; the best selection should cover a wide variety of components. 


Type 1xx

There are six standard 1xx nozzles, ranging from 101 to 106. Ther are designed for the machine models 750 and used only on the three-placement heads with Laser Alignment.

Type 2xx

There are four standard 2xx nozzles,ranging from 201 to 204.  They are designed for the machine models 760 and are used only on the placement heads with Vision Alignment.

Model 760 has the left side placement head with Laser Alignment & the right side placement head with Vision Alignment.

Type 5xx

There are eight standard 5xx nozzles, ranging from 501 to 508. They are designed for the machine models 2000 and are used on the placement heads with Vision & Laser Alignment. They are compatible with all types of heads of the 2000 models.

Model 2020 & 2060 has one multi-nozzle placement head with Laser Alignment and one placement head with Vision Alignment.