Key Points Of The Selection Of SMT Pick And Place Machine

- Feb 21, 2020-

With the rapid development of surface mount technology, SMT Pick And Place Machine is more and more widely used, especially in electronic assembly industry. And the types are more and more diverse, so how do we choose the right model in so many machine is very complex and difficult work. Here is a brief suggestion from Dafton-SMT.

At present, SMT Pick And Place Machine on the market is mainly divided into four types: compound type, boom type, turntable type and large parallel system type. Each type of these SMT machines has its own advantages and disadvantages, which mainly depends on the application or process requirements for the system, and there is a certain balance between its speed and accuracy.

In these SMT pick and place machine, the boom type machine has better flexibility and accuracy, which is suitable for most of the components. Generally, the high-precision machine is this type, but there is a big gap between the speed of compound, rotary and large-scale parallel systems. However, since the arrangement of components is more and more concentrated on active components, such as QFP and BGA array components with leads, installation accuracy plays an important role in high output. Composite, turntable and large parallel systems are generally not suitable for this type of component installation. The boom type machine is generally divided into single arm type and multi arm type. The single arm type is the multi-functional Mounter with the longest history. And the multi arm mounter is developed on the basis of single arm, which can improve the working efficiency. The compound machine is developed on the basis of the boom pick and place machine. It combines the characteristics of the rotary table type and the boom type. It installs the rotary table on the boom. For example, for Siemen Siplace 80s series mounter, two rotary tables with 12 smt nozzles are installed. Because the compound machine can improve the production speed by increasing the number of booms, and has greater flexibility, so its development prospects are very promising in the industry.


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