Share Maintenance Methods Of SMT Nozzle At The Begining Of The New Year

- Jan 05, 2021-

The new year of 2021 has just begun, and many manufacturers have started production planning for the new year. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, most manufacturers have the phenomenon of production decline. In this special case, many enterprises pay more attention to reduce production losses to control production costs.

So in the SMT production line, SMT nozzle as a vulnerable part, its selection and maintenance is particularly important. The service life of SMT nozzle is closely related to its material and workmanship, but also has an important relationship with its normal use and maintenance.

Customers often say that my SMT nozzle is blocked, the nozzle is white, the nozzle is sticky and so on. Now, Dafton-SMT will analyze them one by one.

SMT nozzle blocking: some SMT nozzles can pass through with special cleaning wire, while some SMT nozzles don't have special cleaning wire. At this time, you can use the silver needle to pass through the hole. The needle should be very thin, soft and tough, which is suitable for passing through SMT nozzle . Another way is to blow with a high-pressure air gun.

Whitening of SMT nozzle: the materials of SMT nozzle are various, some will be whitening, some will never be whitening, but  SMT nozzle is stained with oil or tin slag, which causes visual whitening. If SMT nozzle of tungsten steel turns white, you can continue to use it after applying it with an oil-based pen. SMT nozzle of plastic steel, ceramic and diamond steel will never turn white. If you feel white, you can gently wipe the mouth with a cotton stick dipped with alcohol.

SMT nozzle stick material: demagnetize it with demagnetizer, especially some metal 0201 0402 small material, the most easy to hit with magnetic.

Tips for SMT nozzle maintenance:

1. When saving SMT nozzle, put it into a special SMT nozzle box to avoid collision between the nozzles.

2. Avoid magnetic objects close SMT nozzle.

3. The reflector of some SMT nozzles is very sensitive and easy to scratch. When the SMT nozzle is dirty, it should be wiped gently with nonwovens.