Maintenance Process Of Yamaha Nozzle

- Oct 15, 2018-

SMT Nozzle is an indispensable part of smt machine, so the maintenance is very important. It determines the speed of the machine. Take Yamaha nozzle as an example to talk about maintenance process below.


Maintenance process of Yamaha nozzle :

1, Washing

To use cotton stick with alcohol to rotate 8 times.

2, Through hole

To use needle to remove foreign matter stained on the wall of the nozzle hole.

3, Blowing up

To blow away the residual foreign matter for 10 seconds with the air gun.

4, Wiping

To wipe the reflector of nozzle with a dust-free cloth.

5, Checking

To use the optical magnifier to check tips of nozzle, the reflector and the hole.

6, Degaussing

To move the nozzle back and forth over the degaussing device.

7, Finishing:

To put the maintained nozzle in the clean nozzle box.



1, To avoid magnetic close to the nozzle.

2, To avoid hard objects to touch the nozzle.

3, Dont wipe the reflector with the hard cloth.