Moving Speed Of Yamaha SMT Machine

- Aug 20, 2020-

The moving speed of pick&place machine affects the production speed, which is the most concerned problem of the customers. Today, let's take Yamaha pick&place machine as a example to analyze the main factors that affect the mounter's moving speed and what problems should we pay attention to in the production process.

(1) Movement distance of X-Y table. This is an important factor that affects the movement of the machine, and it is also a key consideration of many optimization software.

(2) The number of each component on the PCB and the arrangement position on the feeding table. These are two factors that affect each other. For those components with a large number of placement, it is obvious that they should be placed together to minimize the movement on the feeder table.

(3) The feeder movement of used Yamaha placement machine . Because when Yamaha feeder is switched from one position to the adjacent position, the feeding table can still maintain its maximum speed movement, but when the position of Yamaha feeder is switched to more than one, the speed of the feeding table will be reduced by 30% ~ 50%. When the program is optimized, the feeding table should be reduced to multiple back and forth movements between two feeding tanks which are far away from each other.

(4) The speed of rotation of the turret. The head speed is set by the programmer in the component library. It determines how fast the turret can move after picking up this component. The head speed depends on the size of the component. The larger the component is, the lower the head speed is. This is to avoid the inaccurate position caused by the insufficient absorption of SMT nozzle, or the displacement of the component on the nozzle. Therefore, the setting of the head speed is limited. The installation speed of MSHG3 can be divided into 8 levels, as shown in Table 1. After the turret picks up a component with a larger head speed, all components adsorbed on the turret will move at this speed, regardless of the part library setting. The turret speed is always determined by the maximum head speed of the picked components. Obviously, it is better not to put the components with different head speeds together for the mounting program. On the one hand, it can avoid the influence of different head speeds on the full utilization of the head speed. On the other hand, for the turret, continuous acceleration or deceleration will also cause the extension of production cycle and instability of movement.