On-line Programming Debugging Of SMT Machine

- May 14, 2020-

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The debugging methods of SMT Machine is divided into off-line programming debugging and on-line programming debugging. On-line programming debugging is to optimize and edit the off-line programming program on SMT Machine. In general, the on-line programming debugging include two steps. One is the off-line programming, and then the overall inspection and backup to the mounter computer. Used SMT Machine supplier Dafton-SMT will talk about it in detail.

1. Edit the optimized product program on SMT Machine

1) Call out the optimized program.

2) Make Image of PCB Mark and local Mark.

3) Make images of components without images and register them in the image library.

4) Register the unregistered components in the component library.

5) For SMT multitube Vibratory  feeder with unreasonable discharge, redistribute it according to the length of the device body, arrange the devices with relatively close length of the device body on the same material rack as far as possible, and hold the material station tightly, and try not to have free material station in the middle, so as to shorten the distance to pick up components.

6) In the program, the multi pin and narrow spacing devices with large size, such as QFP with more than 160 pins, PLCC, BGA with large size, and long socket, are changed into single pickup mode, which can improve the mounting accuracy.

7) Save the disk and check whether there is any error message. Modify the program according to the error message until there is no error message after saving.

2. Check and back up the patch program to SMT Machine

1) According to the list of components in PCBA process documents, check whether the component name, tag number, model and specification in each step of the procedure are correct, and correct the incorrect parts according to the process documents.

2) Check whether the components on each SMT feeder station of the mounting machine are consistent with the chip picking procedure table.

3) On the SMT machine, use the main camera to check whether the X and Y coordinates of components in each step are consistent with the component center on the PCB, check whether the angle Θ is correct according to the component location diagram in the process document, and correct the incorrect parts. (if this step is not carried out, it can be corrected according to the actual mounting deviation after SMT first mounting)

4) Copy the completely correct product program to the backup U disk for saving.

5) Production can only be carried out after checking and checking that it is completely correct.