Panasonic SMT Parts With Low Price

- Apr 13, 2020-

Because of the COVID-19, the global economy has been seriously affected. The whole world is fighting against the virus, and this needs to be maintained for a period of time. Dafton-smt hope to get through this difficulty with all of our clients. So in the next period of time, we will provide some lists to offer low price irregularly.

 So this is a list of Panasonic SMT parts:

1.Panasonic NPM Sensor MTNS000432AA

2.Panasonic NPM Sensor MTNS000433AA

Panasonic NPM Sensor MTNS000432AA MTNS000433AA

3.Panasonic NPM Sensor MTNS000436AA

4.Panasonic NPM Sensor MTNS000435AA

 Panasonic NPM Sensor MTNS000435AA MTNS000436AA

5.Panasonic CM402 Ball Spline N510015533AA

 Panasonic Ball Spline

6.Panasonic DC Servo Motor N510008188AA

7.Panasonic DC Servo Motor KXF0E1LXA00

8.Panasonic AC Servo Motor N510043454AA

 Panasonic SMT Motor

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