System Of SMT Machine Structure Component

- Jun 15, 2020-

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Many workers who have just contacted with SMT Machine are not very familiar with the operation of SMT machine. Some old machine operators also have a little knowledge of each part of SMT machine, which is easy to lead to the occurrence of faults. Dafton-SMT, the suppliers of SMT machine, will introduce the component assembly system of SMT machine to you, so as to help more workers operate the machine reasonably.

1. SMT machine host

1). Main power switch: turn on or off the main power

2). Visual display: display the recognition of images or components and marks from moving lens.

3). Operation display: display the VIOS software screen for machine operation. If there is an error or problem during operation, correction information will also be displayed on this screen.

4). Warning light: indicates the operating conditions of the applicator in green, yellow and red.

A. Green: machine in automatic operation

B. Yellow: error (return to the original point can not be executed, pick-up error, identify fault, etc.) or interlock is generated.

C. Red: the machine is in emergency stop state (when the machine or YPU stop button is pressed).

5). Emergency stop button: press this button to trigger the emergency stop immediately.

2. Tip working head assembly

1). Working head assembly: move in XY direction (or X direction), pick up parts from SMT feeder and mount them on PCB.

2). Moving handle of working head assembly: when the servo control is released, you can use your hand to move in each direction. This handle is usually used when moving the working head assembly by hand.

3. Visual system

1). Moving lens: used to identify marks on PCB or trace according to position or coordinate.

2). Independent vision lens: used to identify components, mainly those with pins QPF

3). Backlight unit: when identified with an independent visual lens, irradiate the unit from the back.

4). Laser assembly: the laser beam can be used to identify parts, mainly sheet parts.

5). Multi view lens: it can recognize multiple parts at one time, and speed up the recognition speed.

4.Feeding platform

With SMT loading feeder, bulk feeder and tube feeder (multi-tube feeder), it can be installed on the front or rear feeding platform of SMT machine.

5. Shaft structure

X-axis: the moving working head assembly is parallel to the PCB transmission direction.

Y-axis: the moving working head assembly is perpendicular to the PCB transmission direction.

Z-axis: controls the height of the working head assembly.

R-axis: it controls the rotation of the nozzle shaft of the working head assembly.

W-axis: adjust the width of the transport rail.

6.Transport rail components

1). Main baffle

2). Locating pin

3). Push in part

4). Edge clamp

5). Push up plate

6). Push up thimble

7). Inlet damper

7. SMT nozzle station: allows automatic exchange of SMT nozzles, with a total of 16 SMT nozzles, 7 standard and 9 optional SMT nozzles.

8. Air source components: including air filter, air pressure regulating button, air pressure gauge.

9. Input and operation parts

1). YPU programming unit

Ready button: release of abnormal stop and function of servo system.

2). SMT Keyboard