The Daily Maintenance And Technical Requirements Of SMT Machine

- Mar 19, 2018-

Adhering to the daily maintenance to SMT machine can effectively improve the use and prolong its service life. How can we do for it?


Weekly review

•The buffering movement of nozzle jigs must be checked every week, a thin layer of lubricant can be coated when it's not smooth, and it needs to be fastened when relaxed. Move the lens to clean the dust and residue.

•The X/Y/W-Axle ball screw must be checked for debris or residue and cleaned when necessary.

•The X/Y-Axle guide must be checked for the grease, if there is hardening and residue, need to be dealt with in time.

•To check situation of Y seal ring and O-ring at theair interface, it is necessary to change a new one when aging.


Monthly review

•To check ech LED lamp of the moving lens to ensure they are enough bright. If it is not bright. The entire LED components should be replaced when necessary.

•To check each O-ring on the nozzle shaft and replace them by a new one in time when aging.

•To clear dust and residue on the X/Y/W-Axle ball screw and smear a thin layer of lubricant.

•To clear dust and residue on the X/Y-Axle guide and smear a thin layer of lubricant.

•To check the movements of the Z -Axle rack and gear, and to smear a thin layer of lubricant to the conveyor part when necessary.

•To check the wear degree and tightness of the R conveyor belt. To change the belt and adjust the tightness when necessary.

•To check the situation of solenoid valves of feeders to ensure they can work properly.