The Importance Of High-Quality Nozzles

- Nov 12, 2018-

Nozzles touch tens of thousands of components every hour. They are highly critical to the pick-and-place process. There are many problems associated with poorly maintaining nozzles. Some of these issues include mispicking or misplacing components, tombstoning post-soldering, or flipped components. Other issues include sticking nozzles, component and circuit board damage, and higher rejection rates. 

Electrostatic charge is one of the major causes of device failures in the electronics and semiconductor industry. With the constant movement of nozzles and components, it is possible to build electrostatic charges (ESD) on the nozzle tips. Once released, this charge can damage component and circuit board. So manufacturers and users of integrated circuits (IC) must take precautions to avoid ESD during the pick-and-place process. Nozzle manufacturers also must take precautions by researching and developing nozzles that use electrostatic dissipating (also abbreviated ESD) materials. 

Equipment OEMs are no longer the only option for high-quality SMT nozzles. With so many nozzle manufacturers out there, it may be difficult to choose the right one. The best process is to factor the price-to-performance ratio. Pick a nozzle manufacturer that offers high-quality products at the most affordable pricing. Request sample nozzles for testing purposes to guarantee that the products perform as well as or better than your current nozzles. Consider the benefits of warranties on parts, and suppliers that serve multiple brands and ages of equipment, if you have a mixed line.

The pick-and-place process is critical to an electronics assembly company. A down machine that cannot place SMT components cannot make money. With appropriate preventive maintenance measures combined with high-quality nozzles from a reputable source, better results can be achieved on the SMT line.

The high-quality nozzles can save a company time and money. So choosing nozzles and nozzle suppliers are both the top priority.