The Structure And Function Of SMT Feeders

- Mar 05, 2020-

As an essential part of SMT pick and place machine, the structure and function of SMT feeder can not be ignored. Now let's explain to you as below:

1). Feed table - Platform for stacking tape to be processed.

2). The blowing nozzle to loose tape - Loose the tape for separation and feeding.

3). Nozzle to separate tape - Take the first piece of tape that has been blown loose and feed it to the tape feeding nozzle.

4). Tape feeding nozzle - From the separating nozzle, take the first piece of tape that has been separated and pass it to the tape feeding roller.

5). Tape stopper - Keep the front edge of the stack neat and periodically make way for each tape.

6). Blowing nozzle to press tape (also known as pressing foot) - Through the air flow blown out by the utility model, the first tape which has been sucked up by the separating nozzle is separated from the tape stack, and the second tape is pressed with its pressing foot, and the height of the tape stack is controlled.

7). Tape blocking brush or presser - Control the height of the blown tape to prevent double or multiple sheets.

8). Back baffle plate - Keep the back (drag slightly) of the stack neat.

9). Side baffle plate - Keep the side of the stack neat, and control the tape on the feeding plate, so as to achieve the proper distance with the drawing gauge.

Only the excellent and well-working SMT feeder can bring better benefits to manufacturing enterprises. Dafton-SMT has been purchasing a lot of SMT feeder and strictly controlling the quality to eliminate quality concerns for all customers.


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