Tips Of SMT Line Machines When The Factory Resume Working

- Jul 08, 2020-

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Before the start of the factory, all areas must be disinfected and sterilized to ensure the protection and safety of the workers inside the factory, industrial safety inspection, fire inspection and other start-up inspections. Then ask you and your equipment supervisor to pay attention to the following:

SMT production line:

(1) Turn on the air conditioner in advance, and the temperature and humidity meet the requirements.

(2) Turn on the air source switch of the workshop and confirm that the air pressure meets the requirements.

(3) Confirm that the main power supply of workshop equipment is off.

(4) Confirm that the main power supply voltage of workshop or production line meets the requirements, and turn on the switch.

(5) And turn on the power of the equipment one by one. After the equipment is fully turned on, turn on the next device one by one.

(6) After the power supply of the equipment is turned on, the original point will return and the heat engine will run in the test mode.

(7) Please follow the above process. If there is any problem, please contact the equipment manufacturer at any time.


In order to reduce the start-up failure rate after the festival, Dafton-SMT shares the following attentions of SMT equipment.

Firstly, confirm whether the temperature and humidity of SMT workshop exceeds the environmental requirements, whether the equipment is affected by moisture, and whether there is dew. In a relatively cold environment, do not rush to raise the temperature of SMT workshop first. The equipment is easy to produce dew. (it is forbidden to turn on the power supply at this time). Specific practices refer to the different SMT workshop environment of each factory.

According to the different degree of moisture, the time of dehumidification treatment of the equipment is selected (check whether it is normal by the industrial control electrical part), open the front and rear chassis cover of the equipment (pay attention not to touch the wires in the corner), place the fan at 0.5 m in front of the chassis for blowing (purpose: blow off the moisture in the equipment cabinet with the air blower, note: do not use hot air), and select 2-6 hours for blowing according to the degree of moisture For wind operation, switch on the power supply after the dehumidification operation, and start the machine after checking that there is no error, but do not return to the original point. Warm up at the return point about 30 minutes to 60 minutes after starting up.

Tips for solder paste printing machine

1. Remove the scraper to clean up the residual solder paste

2. After the screw guide rail is cleaned, add special new lubricating oil

3. Use air gun to clean the dust of electrical equipment department

4. Protect the phase with anti sitting cover

5. Check whether the rail transportation belt is replaced

6. Does the cleaning mechanism need to be cleaned

7. Whether the cylinder supporting steel mesh mechanism is normal

8. Check whether the air circuit is normal

9. Whether the electrical industrial control is normal

Tips for SMT placement machine

1. Check whether the electrical part of industrial control is normal

2. Check whether there is product drop in the mounter

3. Whether the track belt is damaged or deformed

4. The screw rod should be filled with new lubricating oil after cleaning the dust

5. Whether the air path of suction nozzle is normal

6. Clean and maintain the feeder guide chute

7. Clean the automatic nozzle changing device, remove static electricity, check and maintain it

8. Clean the throwing box, remove static electricity, check and maintain it

9. Cleaning, inspection and maintenance of the backpack mechanism of the universal machine

10. Inspection and maintenance of feeder automatic change mechanism

Tips for re-flow oven machine

1. Annual maintenance of re-flow soldering machine.

2. Clean up residual components and rosin in furnace, add high temperature chain oil after cleaning and maintenance of transport chain, check and maintain fine mesh belt.

3. Clean the hot air motor with an air gun. For the dust on the heating wire, clean the part of the reflow soldering box, mainly the dust inside the electric box. The drying agent must be added to avoid the electric appliance from facing.

4. Completely cut off the power supply of the equipment, and make sure that the UPS power supply is off.

5. Confirm whether the fan operates normally.

6. Whether the system of preheating zone, constant temperature zone, reflux zone and cooling zone is normal.

7. Inspection and maintenance of flux recovery system in cooling zone.

8. Check whether the waterway is normal.

9. Whether the furnace sealing strip device is normal.

10. Inspection and maintenance of import and export shear curtain.

11. The vent board is on the track, and check whether the track is deformed or jammed.

Tips for wave soldering machine

1. Completely clean up the residual welding aid of the spray device, vent the welding aid, add alcohol, clean the auxiliary welding pipe and nozzle with continuous spray mode, and after cleaning, vent the alcohol to ensure that there is no flux and alcohol flammable substances on the machine.

3. Use an air gun to clean the dust on the hot air motor and heating wire, and use the gun to clean the electric box, mainly the dust inside the electrical appliance. If necessary, add drying agent to avoid the electric appliance from being affected by the Southern Dynasty.

4. Completely cut off the power supply of the equipment.

5. Whether the electrical part of industrial control is normal.

6. Track inspection and maintenance.

Tips for AOI:

1. Clean and maintain the guide screw and add new grease.

2. Use air gun to remove the dust of electrical appliances, and add desiccant into the electric box.

3. Clean and protect with dust cover.

4. Check whether the light source mechanism is normal.

5. Check whether the moving shaft and motor of the equipment are normal.

Tips for loader&unloader machine

1. Grease the screw rod column.

2. Use air gun to clean the dust of electrical equipment, and add desiccant into the electric box.

3. Lower the material frame to the bottom and clean the dust of the sensor.

Tips for SMT PCB conveyor:

1. Clean and oil the drive shaft and pulley.

2. Clean and clean the sensor.


Attentions of COVID-19 prevention and control for SMT equipment operators

1. Take the initiative to take the staff's temperature measurement during the working period, and regularly report the physical condition. If there are fever, fatigue, dry cough or dyspnea and other symptoms, actively cooperate with the staff of the unit to register the situation.

2. During work, you must wear a mask and do not spit anywhere. The waste of the protective mask and the secretion of the mouth and nose should be wrapped with paper towel and put into the designated special medical waste bucket, try to avoid touching the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts with hands, wash hands frequently and drink more water.

3. If abnormal symptoms such as fever, fatigue, dry cough or dyspnea are found during the working period, they must be reported to the management personnel of the unit immediately, disinfect the site immediately, wear masks, and go to the fever clinic of the designated hospital in time, and inform the unit of the diagnosis results. The unit shall arrange vehicles for medical treatment. It is strictly forbidden to go to other medical institutions without permission, and it is strictly forbidden to take public transportation without permission. The vehicles concerned shall be disinfected immediately after the completion of the transportation.

4. During the working period, dining should be carried out separately and at different peak times, tableware should be used by individuals, and hands should be washed before and after meals, people should not gather and talk during meals,.

5. Try to avoid group activities or meetings during work, if it is necessary to travel on business, the unit shall arrange vehicle pick-up and relevant vehicles shall be disinfected immediately after completion of the transfer.

6. During the working period, they should concentrate on their work and do not carry out any activities unrelated to their work. They should not spread rumors, believe in rumors and spread rumors. It is strictly prohibited to use social media to spread unofficial information, and strictly abide by the work confidentiality discipline.