Troubleshooting Of JUKI KE2050 Machine

- Dec 05, 2019-

1. KE2050 machine cant pick and place, mark identification of base station is out of the allowable range.

Handling methods below:

Shutdown and restart

Check the head and OCC circuit

Adjust the brightness of OCC

Exchange IPC-X3 CTL board

Correcting OCC / Laser / Head Offset

Exchange Safty CTL board

Check the MSP CTL parameters, change the mark recognition range of the base station from initialization "0" to "5000, 3000", and then OK.

2. In production, Error prompt suddenly refer to : Z3 axis error, failure to return to origin. Analysis below:

If the LED that control the third head on the base plate is not on, manually move the SMT nozzle shaft to the sensing position, and the LED is still not on. Pls move to next step.

Exhange Z4, Q4 and Z3, Q3 plug-in cable, if it still refer to: Z3 axis error, failure to return to origin . Move to next step.

Check the circuit on the head if there is any cable that is not plugged in.

Finally, check if there is a fuses trip on the base plate. Press it manually and restart the machine.

3. KE2050 machine collides frequently in the production process. Solutions below:

 Turn off the UPS.

 Measure whether each voltage is normal.

 Measure the winding resistance of X motor and confirm it is normal

 In the OPEN COVER state, WARM UP, confirm which side is making the sound

If X-axis belt makes the sound, adjust X-axis (large belt) tension, correct MSP parameter HEAD OFFSET and UPS for normal use.

Carry out production again and confirm troubleshooting.

4. E620015 error is reported when R Head cannot return to the origin. Solutions below:

Check the connection of θ5 connecting cable and reconnect it.

Confirm the connection cable of Z3 driver is fixed. Restart the machine.

Replace the θ5 cable with the other θ5 cable.

Replace the Z3 driver with other driver.

If the fault is still not solved. It means that the cable and driver are OK. Therefore, it can be determined as the error of θ5 motor. After replacement, the problem can be solved.