Panasonic CM402 X Driver KXFP6GE1A00 MR-J2S-40B-EE085

Part Name:Panasonic SMT Driver
Part NO: KXFP6GE1A00
Catalog of KXFP6GE1A00: SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Driver - Panasonic Driver KXFP6GE1A00
Model of KXFP6GE1A00:MR-J2S-40B-EE085
Conditions: Original new/Original used

Product Details

Details of Panasonic Driver KXFP6GE1A00 below:

Part Name of this Panasonic Driver

Panasonic SMT Driver/Panasonic X Driver

Catalog of KXFP6GE1A00

SMT Spare Parts - Panasonic SMT Drivers - Panasonic Driver KXFP6GE1A00

Part No. of KXFP6GE1A00


Model of KXFP6GE1A00


Applicable Machine Model

CM402 X-Axis

Conditions of KXFP6GE1A00

Original new/Original used

Maker Of KXFP6GE1A00


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