Panasonic Control Board N610110715AA NF24CA2 For DT401 Tray

Part Name:Panasonic Control Board
Part NO: N610110715AA
Catalog of N610110715AA: Panasonic SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Board - Control Board N610110715AA
Conditions: Original new

Product Details

Details of Panasonic Control Board N610110715AA NF24CA2 For DT401 Tray below:

Part Name

DT401 Control Board/Tray Control Board

Part No. 


Model of N610110715AANF24CA2

Catalog of N610110715AA

Panasonic SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Board - Control Board N610110715AA

Machine Model


Purpose of N610110715AA

To control tray in DT401 SMT line

Conditions of N610110715AA

Original new

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