Original SMT Panasonic Tape/Emboss/Paper Feeder N610117446AA 4MM

Part Name:Panasonic Tape/Emboss/Paper Feeder Part NO: N610117446AA Catalog of N610117446AA: SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Feeders - Panasonic Feeder N610117446AA Conditions: Original new/Original used Specs: 4mm

Product Details

Details of Panasonic Feeder N610117446AA:

Part Name

SMT Panasonic Tape/Emboss/Paper Feeder

Catalog of N610117446AA

SMT Spare Parts - Panasonic SMT Feeders - Panasonic Feeder N610117446AA

Part No.

N610117446AA Feeder

Applicable Machine Model

NPM pick&place machine

Maximum Feeder Configuration

CM402: 108 * 12/16mm tape feeder N610117446AA

Conditions of N610117446AA

Original new/Original used

Specs. Of N610117446AA Feeder


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