SMT Panasonic 12MM 16MM Feeder KXFW1KSCA00 CM402 CM602 NPM Feeder Without Joint Sensor

Part Name:Panasonic 12/16mm Feeder Part NO: KXFW1KSCA00 Catalog of KXFW1KSCA00: Panasonic SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Feeders - Panasonic Feeder KXFW1KSCA00 Conditions: Original new/Original used Specs: 12/16m, without joint sensor

Product Details

Details of Panasonic Feeder KXFW1KSCA00 below:

Part Name of this Panasonic Feeder

Panasonic CM402/CM602/NPM SMT Feeder

Catalog of KXFW1KSCA00

SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Feeders - Panasonic Feeder KXFW1KSCA00

Part No. of KXFW1KSCA00

KXFW1KSCA00 Feeder

Applicable Machine Model

CM402/CM602/NPM Mounter

Maximum Feeder Configuration

CM402: 108 * 12/16mm tape feeder KXFW1KSCA00


Original new/Original used

Specs. Of KXFW1KSCA00

12/16MM, without joint sensor

Vintage of KXFW1KSCA00


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Picture Of Panasonic 12mm 16mm Feeder KXFW1KSCA00


Panasonic Nozzle 1001Part NO is KXFX03DSA00 and tip size is O.Dφ1.3mm,I.DΦ0.9mm. It is a Panasonic SMT nozzle commonly used on CM402,CM602 and DT401 pick and place machine. The most widely configuration is 3*1001 Nozzle/Head.

Panasonic Nozzle 235CSN - Its part NO is N610119485AB. It is one of Panasonic nozzles commonly used on NPM machine. It is usually used to handle component 1608R/C,2012R/C,3216R/C,SS-Mini Tr/Di,S-Mini Tr/Di,etc.

Customized Service For Panasonic Nozzle - We provide professional customized service for Panasonic non-standard nozzle and special nozzle with free design.

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