Panasonic AC Servo Motor N510043454AA P50B02001BXS7D For NPM Head 8 Z-Axis

Part Name:Panasonic NPM Motor
Part NO: N510043454AA motor
Model of N510043454AA: P50B02001BXS7D
Spec of N510043454AA :15W
Conditions: Original new
Catalog of N510043454AA: Panasonic SMT Parts - Panasonic NPM Motor - Panasonic AC Servo Motor N510043454AA

Product Details

Details of Panasonic NPM Motor N510043454AA below:

Part No.


Part Name of N510043454AA

Panasonic NPM Motor/AC Servo Motor

Model of N510043454AA


Catalog of N510043454AA

Panasonic SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Motor - Panasonic NPM Motor N510043454AA


NPM Machine, for Z-Axis Head 8

Spec. Of N510043454AA



Original new

Brand of N510043454AA


Packing of N510043454AA

1pc*N510043454AA motor/per box

Description Of Panasonic NPM Motor N510043454AA:

Panasonic NPM Motor/AC Servo Motor N510043454AA (Model:P50B02001BXS7D) is a Z-Axis motor for Head 8 position, which is made by SANYO DENKI

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Picture of Panasonic AC Servo Motor N510043454AA P50B02001BXS7D



Panasonic AC motor N510042809AB - It is a head angle motor and its model is P5B02002BXS2D(4W,2.3A), which is used on NPM pick and place machine.

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