SMT Panasonic MSR VS nozzle 104687870505

SMT Panasonic MSR VS nozzle 104687870505

Part Name:Panasonic MSR Nozzle
Part NO: 104687870505
Model of 104687870505 : VS Nozzle
Catalog of 104687870505: SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Nozzles - Panasonic MSR Nozzle
Conditions: Original new/copy new

Product Details

Details of Panasonic 104687870505 Nozzle  below:

Part No.


Model of 104687870505

VS Nozzle

Part Name of 104687870505

Panasonic MSR Nozzle

Catalog of 104687870505

SMT Parts - SMT Panasonic Nozzles - Panasonic VS Nozzle 104687870505

Machine Model

Panasonic MSR pick and place machine



Panasonic VVS nozzle - The Part NO of this Panasonic VVS nozzle is 104687870006, which is also used on MSR pick and place machine.

Panasonic SMT Belt - We supply original Panasonic belt and manufacture copy Panasonic belt for medium manufacturers,small manufacturers and workshops.

Customized Service For Panasonic SMT Parts - We provide professional customized service for Panasonic non-standard nozzle and special nozzle, and Panasonic SMT beltes with free design and low price.

We are an integrated company of manufacture and trade with international trade department and SMT nozzle production line.Our business include SMT parts trading and major brand include Panasonic,JUKI,Yamaha,I-Pulse and Fuji. SMT nozzle production line managed by professional and experienced engineers. Providing ONE-STOP SMT SERVICE for smt traders and  electronic manufacturers.


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