SMT Panasonic CM402 450 Nozzle KXFX03DPA01 (6.0mm,pad type)

SMT Panasonic CM402 450 Nozzle KXFX03DPA01 (6.0mm,pad type)

Part Name:Panasonic CM402 Nozzle
Model: 450 Nozzle
P/N of 450 Nozzle: KXFX03DPA01
Catalog of 450 Nozzle: SMT Spare Parts - Panasonic SMT Nozzles - Panasonic Nozzle 450
Conditions: Original new/copy new

Product Details

Details of Panasonic 450 Nozzle below:

Model of this Nozzle

450 Nozzle

Catalog of 450 Nozzle

Panasonic SMT Nozzles - Panasonic Nozzle 450

Part Name of 450 Nozzle

Panasonic CM402 Nozzle

Part No. of 450 Nozzle


Nozzle Configuration

8*450 Nozzle/Head,3*450 Nozzle/Head

Conditions of 450 Nozzle

Original new/Copy new

Tip Dia. of 450 Nozzle

6.0mm,Pad type

Description Of Panasonic 450 Nozzle:

Panasonic Nozzle 450 (Part NO:KXFX03DPA01,Tip size: 6.0mm) is one of pad type nozzle, which is used on Panasonic CM402 pick and place machine..

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Panasonic Nozzle 460 - Part NO. KXFX03NGA00,Tip size: O.Dφ6.0mm,I.DΦ1.0mmm), is a CNT type nozzle, which is also used on Panasonic CM402 machine.The Nozzle Configuration is 8*406 Nozzle/Head,3*406 Nozzle/Head

Customized Service - Providing professional customized service for SMT non-standard nozzle and special Nozzle according to your nozzle sample or nozzle drawing, component drawing or component sample.


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