Panasonic 110S CM602 NPM Nozzle N610017371AC

Part Name:Panasonic CM/NPM Nozzle
Model: 110S Nozzle
P/N of 110S Nozzle: N610017371AC
Catalogue of 110S Nozzle: SMT Parts - SMT Nozzles - Panasonic SMT Nozzle
Conditions: Original new/copy new

Product Details

Details of Panasonic Nozzle 110S below:

Model of this Panasonic Nozzle

110S Nozzle

Catalogue of 110S Nozzle

Panasonic SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Nozzles - Panasonic Nozzle 110S

Part Name of 110S Nozzle

Panasonic CM602 Nozzle/Panasonic NPM Nozzle

Part No. of 110S Nozzle


Machine Model

CM602 and NPM Machine

Standard Nozzle Configuration

CM602: 12 * 110S Nozzle/Head, 8 * 110S Nozzle/Head, 3 * 110S Nozzle/Head

NPM:16*235CSN Nozzle/Head,12*235CSN Nozzle/Head,8*235CSN Nozzle/Head,3*235CSN Nozzle/Head

Conditions of 110S Nozzle

Original new/Copy new

Tip Diameter of 110S Nozzle


Description Of Panasonic 110S Nozzle:

Panasonic Nozzle 110S (Part NO:N610017371AC,Tip Dia:O.Dφ0.6mm,I.DΦ0.4mm) is a Panasonic SMT nozzles used on NPM and CM602 12 Head.

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