Panasonic NPM Valve N510054843AA VQ111U-5M0-X479

Part NO: N510054843AA
Part Name:Panasonic NPM Valve
Catalog of N510054843AA: SMT Parts - Panasonic SMT Valves - Panasonic Valve N510054843AA
Model of N510054843AA:VQ111U-5M0-X479
Conditions: Original new

Product Details

Details of Panasonic NPM Valve N510054843AA VQ111U-5M0-X479 below:

Part Name

Panasonic NPM Valve

Part NO.

N510054843AA Valve

Catalog of N510054843AA

Panasonic SMT Parts - Panasonic NPM Valves - Panasonic Valve N510054843AA

Model of N510054843AA



Panasonic NPM placement machine

Conditions of N510054843AA

Original new

Description of NPM Valve N510054843AA VQ111U-5M0-X479:

Valve N510054843AA (Model:VQ111U-5M0-X479) is one of Panasonic solenoid valve that used on NPM placement machine. It is a SMT machine parts controlled by electromagnetically, which is used to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium in NPM placement machine control system. It can cooperate with different circuits to achieve the desired control to ensure the control accuracy and flexibility.

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