Samsung SM44MM Feeder

Model: SM44MM

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Model: SM44MM


We specialize in SMT equipment and SMT spare parts including SMT feeder,nozzle,motor,sensor,laser,filter,ejector,driver,board and other relative parts with guaranteed quality and low price. Brands includes Juki,Panasonic,Yamaha,I-pulse,Fuji,Philips,Samsung,Casio,Siemens,etc. 

Following is the list of some our Juki and I-Pulse feeders:

Juki CN series feeders:

Juki tape feeder E1006706CB0 CN05HP 8mm for 1005

Juki tape feeder E1008706CB0 CN08HE 8mm

Juki tape feeder E1009706CB0 CN081P 8mm

Juki tape feeder E1007706CB0 CN081E 8mm

Juki tape feeder E1010706CB0 CN081C 8mm

Juki tape feeder 40081770 CN081CR 8mm

Juki tape feeder E1014706CB0 CN8L1P 8mm  for large reel

Juki tape feeder E1013706CB0 CN8L1E 8mm for large reel

Juki tape feeder E1015706CB0 CN8L1C 8mm for large reel

I-Pulse F2 Feeders:

I-Pulse Feeder F2-82  8*2mm  LG4-M2A00-100

I-Pulse Motorised Feeder F2-82M LG4-M2A00-540
I-Pulse Feeder F2-84  8*4mm  LG4-M1A00-100

I-Pulse Feeder F2-12  12mm  LG4-M4A00-120
I-Pulse Feeder F2-16  16mm  LG4-M5A00-120
I-Pulse Feeder F2-24  24mm  LG4-M6A00-120 
I-Pulse Feeder F2-32  32mm  LG4-M7A00-120
I-Pulse Feeder F2-44  44mm  LG4-M8A00-120
I-Pulse Feeder F2-56  56mm  LG4-M9A00-120


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