Yamaha YV100II SMT Pick And Place Machine With Great Condition

Part Name:Yamaha SMT Machine/surface mounter
Model: YV100II machine
Catalog of YV100II machine: SMT pick and place machine - Yamaha SMT machine
Conditions of YV100II machine: Used
Sizes of YV100II machine: L1650 * W1350 * H1810
Weight of YV100II machine:1300kg

Product Details

Details of Yamaha YV100II SMT Machine below:

Model of this SMT Machine

YV100II SMT machine/surface mounter

Part Name of YV100II SMT Machine

Yamaha SMT Machine/surface mounter

Catalog of YV100II SMT Machine

SMT pick and place machine - Yamaha SMT machine

Conditions of YV100II SMT Machine

Used, working well and great quality

Sizes Of YV100II SMT Machine

L1650 * W1350 * H1810mm

Weight of YV100II SMT Machine

Approx. 1300kg


SMT PCB Assembly Production line


8000-10000 CPH

Mounting accuracy

± 0.1mm / CHIP ± 0.08mm/QFP

Applicable PCB

50x50mm(min) ~460*250 mm(max)

Applicable components

1005 ~ QFP SQP SOJ PLCC (25mm) BGA (0.4p)

Substrate Thickness

0.4mm to 3.0mm

Power supply

Three-Phase AC220/208/230/240/380/400 / 416V±10%, 50/60HZ

Description Of Yamaha YV100II SMT Machine:

Yamaha YV100II SMT pick and place machine is an early Yamaha SMT machine with simple mechanical structure,DOS operating system, simple menu and easy operation.It has one working head and eight nozzles. Its actual production capacity is about 8000 points, which is suitable for small batch production.

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