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Speech from our CEO:

Since 1998, I have been operating SMT assembly line in a factory in Shenzhen city. It was an era when SMT industry began to develop, and many SMT placement machines and peripheral equipment came out. At that time, mobile phone had not yet arisen, and SMT assembly line was mostly applied to electronic tuners of color televisions. Later, with the rise of mobile phone, SMT industry around the country also flourished, and SMT placement machines and peripheral equipment are constantly being upgraded. For example, Panasonic KME, CM82, and CM92 machines were popular,while Panasonic CM402, CM602, and NPM machines are popular now. I have witnessed the development and changes of Chinese SMT industry. With 6 years of experience in SMT assembly line, I saw the trade prospect of used SMT equipment and SMT spare parts. So I resigned from the factory in 2005 and registered a domestic trading company. By this year, 15 years have passed, besides our domestic business, our international business is developing better and better. It is inseparable from our excellent staff, domestic and foreign customers who have always supported us. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you and sincerely hope that we can keep working together in the future.


Hunter Jiang

Speech from our General Manager :

Since joining Dafton-smt in 2010, it has been 9 years. During this period, our company set up an international trade department for trading SMT equipment and SMT spare parts. "Customer first, sincere service" is our entrepreneurial spirit, and "do better today than yesterday" is our working philosophy. In the future, I will lead the team to continue to uphold our entrepreneurial spirit and adhere to our work philosophy, continue to strengthen our business knowledge and capabilities, enhance the cooperation relationship with our clients, and aim to be the most reliable partner in SMT trade industry .


Vin Liu